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Access Towers and Scaffolding Chutes

To complement our scaffolding services, we also provide access towers and scaffolding chutes for a wide range of domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. Whether you need roof access for repairs to your home, or you need quick rubbish disposal solutions for large scale demolitions, we can assist with all your requirements. Access towers can be mounted or freestanding, making them a suitable alternative for listed or protected properties. You can request mobile towers, which our experienced scaffolders can reposition for you as required. Also, various platforms can be installed at the required heights to facilitate easy working.

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Scaffold Towers

Access towers, or scaffold towers, are sturdy and dependable, making them preferable to ladders when working at height for prolonged periods. Using a tower frees up mobility and avoids reaching and leaning, allowing you to perform your work more safely. They are also stronger than ladders, making them ideal for supporting heavier materials.

Chimney Scaffolds

We can also install custom-designed chimney scaffolds to facilitate chimney and rooftop repair work. Straddling the roof, these structures distribute weight evenly preventing any damage to the roof while in use. They also provide a strong platform from which to work more freely.

Temporary Roof Systems

Temporary roof systems protect the interior of a property from the elements during renovation, or other building and construction work. Spanning the entire building, they are ideal for keeping the workspace dry and warm, enabling you to work year-round without compromise. Our innovative shrink wrap system makes for very watertight and robust temporary roof covers.

Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish chutes come in sections, connected by chains, making them incredibly versatile. The hinge-like connection makes them flexible for navigating awkward or confined spaces. Meanwhile, individual segments mean you can make them as long as required. So, no matter whether you are working on the 1st floor, or the 21st floor, rubbish chutes can be added to enable you to quickly and safely dispose of rubble to your skips situated below.

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